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machines. it is not about titles or power struggles within. it is not about dividing america and it is not about one individual politician. this is about the people! this is the people's movement! [ cheering ] >> sean: tphoufpbds of support on hand -- thousands of supporters were on hand. it was estimated only 100ç anti-tea party protesters showed up. that says a lot about whose side the momentum is onúd-gsru now in america, doesn't it? joining me former white house press secretary dana perino and fox news contributor, pat caddell. welcome, good to see you. [ applause ] >> sean: let me start, yesterday steny hoyer was out there saying the tone in america is dangerous. we've got to lower theç volume here. at the same time, we've got a united states congressman wanting to punch bill o'reilly in the nose and saying blank the f-word the tea party movement. with where is the insightful rhetoric coming from? >> you can't pick up a newspaper today without reading about how angry the conservative movement is. i read three stories in the "washington post". my local paper. if you
-down in america's defense. the obama administration declared yesterday the president plans to depart from these precedents. secretary of defense gates and secretary of state clinton announced the president will not use nuclear weapons against any nonnuclear state even in the event of a chemical or biological attack. beyond that the united states will not develop any nuclear weapons. our enemies must be rejoicing. it could it be more clear this president's desire to deter enemies pales in comparison to bring about his desire for a nuclear free world? how dangerous is this for the united states and the free world? joining me newt gingrich. newt is the co-host along with his wife calista of the new documentary, nine days that changed the world. which is about pope john paul's pilgrimage to poland in 1979. mr. speaker, welcome. >> good to be with you. >> sean: how about bad is this? >> i think this is the most unrealistic diplomacy since the late 20s. you have to go back to the kellogg pact to end war the whole serve yeast -- series of disarmament con tprofrpbss in the 20s the democracies doe
: "conservative victory, defeating obama's radical agenda." a road map for how conservatives can get america on the right track. we've seen our constitution trampled in recent weeks with the passage of the health care bill. on this tour we are going to be standing with average americans like who are here tonight that say enough is enough. democrats are coming clean telling us why they pushed for their health care overhaul it wasn't about extending coverage it was about a dramatic redistribution of wealth theme here inv2lqñ ameri. >> the question is, in a democracy, where does the right balance between those at the top, 20% of the people do most of the consumer spending and so forth and those at the bottom? when it gets out of whack as it did in the 20s and it has now you need to do some redistribution. this is a form of redistribution. >> everyone is entitled to adequate health care. if you call that redistribution of income. i call it being fair. >> sean: just being fair. looks like the truth is coming out here with reaction to that and much more, a warm utah welcome ladies and gentlemen,
to be the rigid ideologue that he is. why would america expect anything other than than an extreme justice? would you want the republicans, if he appoints a radical left winger to oppose -- >> absolutely we will be engaged very closely, very effectively in this debate. this is an opportunity to change the direction of the court. i know a lot of folks want to lay this off, you are going to replace a liberal with a liberal that is not the idea this is the difference between a court that is going to focus on the rule of law and working that way or activist court that is going to try to legislate from the bench. the rnc will be prepared to fight any effort to put a left leaning activist judge on this court. >> sean: i think the crowd is happy about that. [ cheering ] >> sean: bart stupak -- by the way, i'm not going to pat myself on the back. i said from the beginning he would cave. i knew he would give in just as nelson was bought off. do you think he's afraid to run in this reelection? >> absolutely. because of these folks right here. [ cheering ] >> the people have been sending a signal for some t
to redefine the role of america. the american people and people here they are not going to stand for that they want folks that will stand up for that agenda and offer an alternative. >> sean: you are running for the republican nomination, obviously. as i've watched you give speeches and i've had an opportunity to interview you, you are running as a solid conservative. what is the difference, in your mind? >> i think the conservative movement, logical home of the conservative movement is the republican party. that's when the republican party has been successful when it has been the home of free enterprise, limited government and personal individual liberty. we have to be that again. i believe is the rightful place for that movement in the american politics. free enterprise, individual , limited government those things have made us the freest in the history of the world. >> sean: when you gave your speech at cpac you talked about your family, background, your roots. one of liberty, freedom, self-reliance, opportunity. is america now becoming too much of a dependency society? are to
of the forthcoming new book 2010 take america back dick morris. the problem is there wasn't a teleprompter there. >> there wasn't one big enough. >> sean: 17 minutes of ramling. i've been known to ramble. >> my book you can get signed copies on, i signed 26,000 copies. >> sean: i'm halfway through i'm loving it. we will launch it next week on this show. >> what is interesting he spent 17 minutes and still didn't tell the truth. the truth is, the big tax increase in this bill, is the one that is going to force insurance companies to levee on people in the form of higher premiums that is going to take effect immediate litch in the next few months most of the listeners to this program will receive notices from their insurance companies saying there are higher premiums. while obama claims he's not raising taxes on the middle class. with his left hand tells the insurance companies you have to cover everybody and charge higher rates. with his right hands he tells the stays you got to triple your medicaid coverage and charge higher tax. me, i don't tax anybody. >> sean: great way to do it. p
. harry reid said, we have transformed america forever. is he right? >> well, as i say, there are going to be a lot -- there has to be attempts to undo a lot of that transformation. we were warned by candidate obama. we shouldn't be surprised. we were days away if the campaign from fundamentally transforming this country. this country that so many of us love and do not want to see transformed. steps toward insolvency, socialism. there will be a lot of attempts to undo this. >> sean: is this about western european socialism, is this an appeasement mentality the president has adopted? >> sure it is. this is the most radical president, radical speaker and senate leader we have seen in the history of the country. the american people are out-of-pocket rejecting everything they are putting forward. [ cheering ] >> sean: i think they agree. we watched the bribery, we watched the bullying. we watched the intimidation and all it took to pass this health care bill which is a take over of 1/ of the american company. you want to previously the health care bill. >> completely. >> sean: what is the s
on wall street today and pro claimed the long arm of the government will soon rein in america's financial system. during his two hour stop in new york he threw his weight around calling out his favorite boogie man the fat cats on wall street then appeared to extend an olive branch. >> the president: i'm here today specifically, when i speak to the titans of industry, because i want to urge to you join us instead of fighting us in this effort. sean is wall street onboard? our cameras were there to gauge reaction. >> we can blame wall street as much as we want to, all of the growth we've seen around the country for the last 100 years is based on financial innovation, capital markets that are transparent even though we have trouble with that if you stifle us too much i think it will be problematic. >> he just wants to take over another industry. health care, cars, hugo chavez that's all . >> i was surprised not to see pitchforks and torches coming down broadway to wall street >> we can come up with plans and make speeches all you like. there's no real movement that we see. i think wall stree
this is the type of change president obama is bringing to the america. this is what is at stake in november. all of this information and much more can be found in part one of a new book 2010 take back america a battle plan the stakes, targets, strategy and what you can do. joining me is the author of this new book the one and only dick morris. welcome to hannity. >> the elbow bump. >> sean: i have a bit of a strained voice. >> meaning not shaking. >> sean: first of all, i love the book. >> thank you. >> sean: i love it. you get into some great detail here. great strategies. i want to start at the beginning this is important, you got to make the case. barack obama is ruining america. he's destroying everything that makes us great. two stories on drudge. white house science czar u.s. cannot expect to be number one in science and technology forever. another picture of the president bowing before another world leader. saying in another piece, that you know, talking about america, he was comparing us to you know a third world dictatorship, for crying out loud. >> in your text segment, you talk about
, this is going to -- i think that's what you are seeing in the streets of america today, we are trying to keep up with this runaway spending and we can never do that there's not enough rich people out there not even enough middle income people to keep up with it. >> sean: we start confiscating 70 to 91% we are still overspending in terms of what the government is spending. i've tried to make a case for a long time i think this was just find. they released the president and vice president's tax returns today.ç i'll give the president some credit, which might surprise some people. he gave away the nobel prize which he didn't deserve. he makes 5 1/2 million dollars about 6% of what makes he gave over to charity, fair enough. i make the case that liberals are only generous with other peopl[#íovjjáty how does joe biden get away with only giving away $48920 to charity? that doesn't seem impressive. >> i don't know. i don't mind so much what joe does with his own money as whp he does with mine. >> sean: that's a good line. >> people ought to give to charity, you know however they feel. some people g
of change that president obama is bringing to america and this is what is at stake in november. all of this information, and much more can be found in part one of a brand new book it's 2010, take back america, a battle plan, the stakes, the targets, the strategy and what you can do, joining me now is the author of this brand new book, the one and only dick morris. welcome to hannity, by the way i'd shake your hand-- >> the elbow bump because i don't want to get sick. >> you've got to be really-- first of all, i love, i love the book. i love it and it is a -- you get into some great detail here, great strategies here and i want to start at the beginning. this is important, af got to start to make the case, barack obama is ruining america, he's destroying everything that makes us great. the two stories on drugs today, white house sign czar, u.s. can't expect to be number one in science and technology forever. we've got another picture, another president bowing before here another world leader, dick, and saying in another piece, rogin puts it in his piece today that, you know, talking
deficits should america prepare itself for what has happened in michigan? is this now a preview of coming attractions around the country? >> jennifer granholm was barack obama, before barack obama was barack obama. okay. [ applause ] >> we always that jennifer granholm was sitting next to the president at the economic summit so that he could turn to her and say, now governor, did we try that or did you try that in michigan? and if she said yes. he would say okay we ain't doing that on a national basis. but we're doing the same things. cap and trade increasing rules and regulations. making it more difficult for americans to aspire to their dreams. increasing taxes with health care. making government bigger. we are doing on a national scene what michigan has been doing the last eight years. we need to stop it. the rest of country will look like michigan. >> sean: i am convinced this president with nancy pelosi, this government, i don't even call -- i'll even call it this regime, ladies and gentlemen, thank you. i think they are so detrimental if we don't kick them out. pelosi, reid, obama a
piece in the "washington post" today. how america became a secular socialist machine. >> i think that is what the country is. the country is still a center right majority. if you look at washington, you talked about that a second ago, with harry reid. the health bill wasn't the first time reid decided to be totally partisan. the stimulus was. the reason i call it a machine, if you can get $787 billion out of congress, with no elected official having read the bill, that's not representative democracy. that's a machine. it's like chicago. when you watch how reid operates, anytime he has a choice between being left wing machine boss or participated in government, he picks being the left wing machine boss. secular and socialist are the other two words. i wrote in this part in reaction to colleague of mine who seemed surprise we used the word. if you look at the judges that obama is nominating, they tend to be rigid, anti-religious secularists. if you look at obama's policies we currently own most of general motors and own most of chrysler. aig is deeply in debt to the government. the
by closed captioning s. >>> america seating over a new to combat illegal immigration in arizona protests resulted in vandalism, violence and arrest. the measure signed by the governor is intended to combat 460,000 illegals living in arizona. pro illegal immigration rallies have consumed the streets of phoenix fueled by headlines around the country that has call the bill shameful, likening apartied. 0 s problem forgot to read the bill. it is the criticism of the thank you is over-the-top not the law. protesters sat down to read the law they would find racial profile something prohibited in fact, prove of -- proof of citizenship can only be requested by authorities during lawful contact by police. meaning the individual is already suspected of breaking the law. the left don't want you to know that. joining me with reaction former alaskan governor sarah palin. your reaction first to the law and the reaction by the left? >> thankfully, byron york hit the nail on the head summarizing what the law is about. there is no ability or opportunity in there for the racial profiling. shame on the lame
think in 2010 america to call someone a racist is probably one of the worst things that you possibly can do. so either they need to have some very strong proof of racial motivation or this is an irresponsible insult that's actually slander. i think it's beyond calling wolf now on this issue. either you have proof or you don't. i was there sean in washington, d.c., 30,000 freedom-loving patriots showed up because they didn't like the health care bill. they were -- there were doctors, internists, anesthesiologists, surgeons, business owners, judges, 75-year-old apolitical women. these people weren't there for any form of racial motivation. they don't like redistribution of wealth. that's what this is about. today if you oppose redistribution of wealth apparently, in some people's eyes you are racist. >> sean: i released a book tuesday the subtitle, defeating obama's radical agenda. a reporter is interviewing me, asking me are you inciting violence somehow against democratic officials? i'm thinking, no, i'mz0ñ saying at the ballot box we want to defeat the president's agenda. interestingly
advisers. >> sean: basically when he was telling america, using the fear tactics that we faced a disaster, catastrophe unless we passed the stimulus, they basically what you are saying and this report is saying they said anything they needed to say to get the stimulus passed. is that the same on health care? is that the same on cap and tax? can we trust they are being honest with us? >> they came to the hill and said if you don't pass this stimulus unemployment is going to go way up pass 8%. you pass the stimulus it will stop unemployment from going beyond 8%. it went up to 10% and beyond we lost four millions jobs this is the reason why not a single republican voted for this, if borrowing and spending a trillion dollars which is what this adds up to, was a secret to prosperity and job creation we wouldn't have job problems, we would have full employment. we are borrowing and spending more than we have in the history of our country is an economic agenda not based on good economic policy it was about satisfying spent up spending demand that these people had in congress -- >> sean: presiden
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draconian when they treat illegal aliens when they are in arizona than anywhere else in america. >> you bet and thank goodness we live in the united states. >> i'm glad to hear that i hope you condemn that demagoguery as much as i do francisco. >> sean: hang on a second. let me advance a debate. president used this example of somebody that would go into an ice cream shop and be harrassed. if you read the bill, it's impossible. clearly the president hasn't, because the bill very specifically states, as i pointed out, that there must be prior legal contact. meaning there had to be some other law that were broken before one's immigration cus could be question ed by -- immigration cus could be questioned by the police department. so the president what he said to the american people in iowa in this town hall was inaccurate and untrue. you agree? >> i agree. what he should have said is what my enforcement agent friends call it when local authorities try to enforce federal laws they do a moad address, mexicans out after dark. what is happening you get a pretense offense he was speeding because you
oreck vacuums sold in america, david oreck has been earning your confidence for nearly 50 years. call now and try the new oreck platinum pilot risk free for 30 days. keep it and get an incredible 10-year warranty plus no interest ever! that's right-ever. but you must order now! the new oreck platinum pilot. clean made easy! >> chris: joining us from bagdad is the top u.s. commander in iraq, general ray odierno. you had an election on march 7th. the alawi administration won 91 streets but prime minister mallky 81 seats and is demanding a recount. it could take months to see the a new government. general, how worried are you about the political disarray? >> well, first, i think those elections were historic, chris. and what it showed is iraqi people got to vote for who they thought they wanted to continue to move iraq forward. i believe it will take a couple months to form the government. i think, though, the iraqi security forces continue to do a good job and i'm confident that we many be -- that we will be able to provide the environment so they can elect a government that is represen
at . >>> tonight in your america. democrats are spinning the new jobs report as proof the economy is beginning to boom. numbers released this morning by labor department show 162,000 jobs were added in march. a closer look shows how deceiving that number is. first, we know the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 9.7%. we also know that of 162,000 jobs created, 48,000 of those were added by the u.s. census bureau. separately, according to the associated press, temporary help services reported 40,000 job -- sorry 40,000 job increase. the surge in temp jobs the answer to turning the economy around? joining me the author of the sellout. charles gasparino. from the fox business network, jerry -- eri willis. how can you add any number of jobs and have the unemployment rate stay the same? >> you have to add a lot of jobs to move that number. the numbers aren't enough to fix the pain americans are feeling. 160,000 not that much. we need to get 180, 200 jobs each month to start making a difference in the unemployment rate. >> charles discuss how real this number is? 162,000
. proven performance even on sensitive skin. ♪ >> sean: tonight in hannity's america. the white house press corp up in arms today after they were barred from covering a gay rights protest outside the white house yesterday in what has been described as rare and unusualç move police closed pennsylvania avenue and lafayette park during the protest. the closure stopped reporters from further covering the activists speaking out against don't ask don't tell and that policy. take a look. >> back off! park's closed! >> have you seen them do this before? >> let's go, back upç, park's closed! >> sean: you can hear the reporter asking if this has ever happened before? what we can be sure of if it happened during the bush administration the left would still be talking about it this very day. there are new indications that the democrats will stop at nothing to push their radical agenda through congress. whether it is cap and tax or immigration reform, it is all on the table for the left thanks to the return of the controversial process known as reconciliation. accordingç to senator cardin democrat
the embassy bombings in kenya, tanzania, khobar towers, uss cole, first frayed center bombing. america is not going to respond. they anticipated the same none response. >> clearly bin laden did not register with him it shows his lack of understanding of the american people less so the presidency, but the american people could not tolerate something like what happened on 9/11 in this country. the end result of that has been, i think a stunner for almost everybody involved in the al-qaeda leadership. whether it is in the border between pakistan and afghanistan or whether it was in iraq. they never expected the americans to fight back. we do fight back. >> sean: move to where we are today. the conclusion of the 9/11 commission report, they are at war with us, we are not are with them. bin laden, came to what was an obvious conclusion, based on events as they were unfolding. we heard last week, our own secretary of defense tell this country, they think that iran, that tiny country that president was talking about, they don't represent a threat, they don't pose a threat. iran is going to ha
in 1969 was supposed to alive to less than 10 people in america, ultra rich avoiding paying tax. today it allows to -- it applies to tens of millions of american households the only reason they don't have to pay, every year we pass affix which puts off the tax. >> sean: if you are in new york add another 10% that's 50% of your income. >> don't forget social security and medicare taxes. in new york you have top affected tax rate of 60%. >> sean: health care, higher taxes for health care. floating a value added national sales tax. you might have property tax if you own a piece of property. then you might have county tax. sales tax. are we talking 70% potentially of people's income going to the government if you live in a high tax state like new york or new jersey? >> high tax, even a more modest sort of middle class family in a high tax state could see their rays between income, property, state and local property and sales taxes approaching 50%. look, americans are right. you have seen recent polls. there's a long standing poll done by the tax foundation. there was another poll done that
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times" best seller, 2010 take back america, dick morris is here. thanks for coming on. >> by the way 2010 would make a delightful mother's day gift, because catastrophe got mom all upset. 2010 will show her the hope. >> tucker: it will calm mom's nerves. i'll get to amazon after. is this a political ploy? is the introduction of the immigration bill politics? >> yes. i think obama is pushing this immigration bill likely knowing that it can't pass. you can't do a reconciliation procedure about immigration. there's no budgetary nexus it is not a budget bill. you might be able to do cap and trade or cap and tack as a reconciliation because it is primarily a budget bill. but for immigration, you will need 60 votes and he's not going to get 60 votes. he might if mccain didn't have a primary. jd hayworth running against mccain means mccain has to oppose immigration in year unlike last year. he's the most likely republican vote they get. i think it will be a 59-41 knee's what obama wants. he wants to -- defeat. that's what obama wants. he wants to put the hispanic community, which is leaving
created atlantic north america did its job but that meant coming to fox. >> this robot has been destroyed. sending marines and soldiers in body bags rather than that we get the robots back from battle. >> they are in harm's way but they don't have to go eyeball to eyeball with the bomb because of what robots do. >> the history of robots goes a lot further back than people think. in the middle of the 1700s a young man went to paris to make his name, and he invented a duck that was mechanical that could not only walk about but it could defecate. out of the conspiracy to build the people we have artificial intelligence. >> like his duck, nature has always been an inspiration for robots. during world war ii a secret project tried using maps to drop incendiary bombs it was tested but never used in combat. a robotic snake and pit bull replaced the animal developed by homeland security the pit bully jekts a net entangling a fleeing pickup truck in its teeth. >> warfare has always been a motivator for new innovations. >> it runs a single shot -- >> the idea of the tank is based on a book by hg we
to be the united states of america when china pulls the continue cup and says we don't want t bills we want money. that is where we are. it is serious business. >> chris: your deadline with coming up for a proposal for the president and congress is september 1st which is coincidentally after the elesbianss. is that a copout? are you preventing voters from being able to say in the election what they think about the ideas? >> we are involved in a project screw the american people, fool them, fake them out. i mean what is this about? december 1st has to be after the election. one of the congressmen wanted it october 1st. what a cya that is. pick apart and get you reelected. i hope we can come up with legislative language, what do you think of that? options and legislative language. is a copout about reporting on december 1st to the most morn thing that affects every american for the next decades? what is the -- copout about that. >> it is not a copout. it is a copin and gets the politics out of it and gives us a chance to build up trust to get to real hard recommendations. >> chris: let me ask you a
of nuclear warheads america has in a world that is still dangerous, very dangerous and in which the threat of the spread of nuclear powers, particularly iran, grows every day, we have to make darn sure that our nuclear warheads are capable, are modern and a lot of them are decades old. i feel very strongly that i'm going be -- i'm going to be real hesitant to vote for the treaty unless we have a commitment from the administration they are prepared to modernize our nuclear stockpile. i want to go one step further based on conversations i had over this break with some of my colleagues. i don't believe there will be 67 votes to ratify the star treaty unless the administration does two things. first, commit to modernize our nuclear stockpile so as we have less nuclear weapons we know they are capable if god forbid we need them. and secondly tortion make absolutely clear that some of the statements by the russian president at the signing in prague that seemed to suggest that if we continue to build a ballistic missile defense in europe that they may pull out of the treaty is unacceptable to us.
't mind and you have a problem. most of america including myself have no idea have no idea what to do with this stuff. we have home he can when we should be having ec, ec. >> economic 101. >> exactly. >> throughs truth to that. it does get complicated. if these allegations are true there will be a proper penalty. we have laws and regulations on the book. for obama to make the money to wall street have the money in their pockets and lecture the world wall street is a horrible place and banking industry, it's phony. it's bologna. >> republican or democrat they aren't in a position to do anything about wall street. guess what in they all take money from big wall street. leslie says this is 10 times more than enron. wall street is much more -- magnitude of 100 times the size of enron. >> let's focus on goldman sachs for a moment. don't forget a round treasury often called government sachs. that's the name given to it. this week in a senate finances committee the inspector general for the government bailout said he may start probing whether security sold by goldman sachs led the losses fro
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